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Seven Steps to A Superior Physical Identity and Access Management Solution 
On-Demand Webcast
Seven Steps to A Superior Physical Identity and Access Management Solution

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The majority of today’s key business processes are automated. IT manages the underlying applications for these processes. Security practices relating to application and database access and authorization are tracked by IT security personnel. However, this tracking is rarely coordinated with physical security personnel who are tasked with protecting the facilities and physical assets and who are responsible for managing building access. Further, there is often a lag before status changes noted in HR systems are reflected in IT and physical security systems. Herein lies vulnerability.

Most organizations today rely on the corporate security department to manage policies on how much physical access to facilities zones and assets should be granted to each identity. Separately, the IT department manages access to the information systems. Regardless of the diligence of these departments, changes to the status of individuals is rarely correlated on a timely basis between the IT and physical security data silos.

Physical Identity and Access Management (PIAM) software has evolved to resolve these issues, delivering a solution that address the entire extended enterprise.

Attendees will learn about

  • Comprehensive Converged PIAM Capabilities for Onboarding Offboarding
  • Self-Service Access Request Handling – extending the capabilities across the enterprise
  • Access Certification and Audit of Access Granted – Is it still relevant and still secure
  • Identity Intelligence – learning access patterns over time and identifying anomalies


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