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Thursday, March 23, 2017
10 am - 11 am PT | 1 pm - 2 pm ET


Seven Steps to A Superior Physical Identity & Access Management Solution

In today’s mobile enabled world experts agree that identity has become the new perimeter
. The challenge of dealing with employee, contractor, vendor, and visitor identities only gets compounded when they realize that role-specific security policies need to be applied consistently. There is the question of not only how much physical access, but also how much access to grant to information systems and resources.

The majority of today’s key business processes are automated. IT manages the underlying applications for these processes. However, IT processes are rarely coordinated with physical security personnel who are tasked with protecting the facilities and are responsible for managing building access. Herein lies vulnerability.

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Seven Steps to a Superior Physical Identity & Access Management Solution

In this webinar learn how Physical Identity and Access Management (PIAM) software has evolved to resolve these issues, delivering a solution that bridges security gaps created from managing security in silos. You will hear from experts who have helped forward looking enterprises integrate their (physical) access control systems with widely used IT applications like HR and Active Directory company-wide to streamline security and deliver cost savings.

Attendees will learn about

Comprehensive converged PIAM capabilities for onboarding and offboarding.

Contractor, vendor and tenant management.

Self-Service access request handling – extending the capabilities across the enterprise.

Access Certification and audit of access granted – is it still relevant and still secure.

Identity Intelligence – learning access patterns over time and identifying anomalies.

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