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Physical Security is From Mars Cybersecurity from Venus
Presented by AlertEnterprise Founder and CEO
Jasvir Gill

April 04, 2017 | 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Sands 304 Level 1


MAKING SECURITY A BUSINESS ENABLER – Enterprises today deal with security in silos. The traditional approach to organizing security operations by department is no longer effective. Attackers are exploiting the gaps that exist between Cyber, Physical and OT (Operational Technology) processes. These blended threats manifest themselves and are impossible to detect unless viewed across departmental silos. In this session learn how security convergence is being deployed to enhance security for both corporate and critical infrastructure. These techniques allow organizations to reduce risk and reduce cost by streamlining overlapping security functions and delivering a return on investment, truly making security a business enabler.

Learning Outcomes

Identify key blended threats that are usually impossible to detect unless the analysis is done across domains of Cyber, Physical and OT.
Security starts with identity management – learn how a holistic approach to managing physical and logical identities for employees, contractors, vendors and visitors is a key step to reducing enterprise risk.

Deploy security convergence to deliver active policy enforcement to meet company security policies and regulatory compliance requirements for critical industries like utilities, oil and gas, transportation, and financial services.

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Insider Threat and Predictive Risk Analytics

Guardian Predict from AlertEnterprise delivers powerful machine learning and predictive risk analytics to detect behavior anomalies and deviation from regular access patterns. Guardian Predict safeguards against Insider Threat by tracking when employees or contractors enter critical areas outside their normal shift hours, or without a corresponding work order. AlertEnterprise software can also integrate with camera systems, surveillance, sensors and cybersecurity tools for total threat intelligence across both IT and OT systems.