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Visitor Express
Corporate Class Visitor Management in the Cloud




Same Great Benefits as on-premise Guardian Visitor

Near real time instance setup

Automated Billing

Automated Backups

Fully customizable User Interface


Access to visitor information at your fingerprints

Use existing workstations and hardware

Integration with third-party badge printers

OS/Browser Independent

Visitor Express, Cloud Visitor Management offers the same great functionality of our on-premise solution without the burden of having to manage your own data infrastructure. Our cloud solution runs on state-of-the-art data centers, with dedicated staff working around the clock to ensure your Visitor Management instance is always up and running. Avoid the hassles of installations, upgrades and maintenance and ensure your Visitor Management solution is up-and-running within minutes.

Visitor Express
Corporate Features

Unlimited Visitors

Import Employee / Host List

Standard Label Printer Support

Self Service Check In 

Multiple Users per Lobby (paid per user)

Automatic Data Entry with DL Scanning

Guest VIP List

Do Not Admit List

Badge Designer

Forms Customization

Multi-Layout Support

Additional Printer and Scanner Support

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