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Cybersecurity Solution for the Oil & Gas Industry

Applications and systems controlling large oil and gas industrial processes are complex and are usually spread over large geographies. Most of these processes run non-stop and are fine-tuned to deliver performance and reliability. Modification or replacement of these systems e.g. processes controlling chemical plants, oil and gas production, pipeline transport of oil and gas, production and retail distribution of energy, usually only occurs after a 10-15 year use cycle. 

Many of the systems in place now were not designed with security in mind. AlertEnterprise has the ability to link to specialized plant applications like Distributed Control Systems (DCS), plant historians and specialized log management systems that can deliver information directly from field devices like PLCs, RTUs, and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems. 

AlertEnterprise software can uncover blended threats across all these areas to detect and prevent unintentional or malicious incidents before they happen involving the operation of a very broad range of instruments, sensors, switches, valves, gauges, servo control motors, pumps, alarms, relays and communications gear. 

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Cybersecurity for Oil and Gas Solution

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