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Security Convergence Solutions to Manage Insider Threat

Insider Threat comes in many shapes and forms, the perpetrator is often the same: a disgruntled or malicious contractor or employee. In a malicious attack, this threat actor will mislead the employer into thinking that the employee can be trusted, sometimes with control over the entire network or facility. Insider threat poses greater damage to our critical infrastructure, including our physical, logical and security systems. 

AlertEnterprise has developed a truly unique software solution that links Identity Management, Enterprise Applications, and Network Security etc. with Physical Access Control Systems, Badging, Video Surveillance and Operational Systems like SCADA. AlertEnterprise creates and maintains a risk score, much like a credit score, for each employee, contractor and visitor and automates their background checks, criminal history record, linkage to authoritative Federal identity sources so that no relevant information is missed when vetting individuals for access to privileged information.

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Federal Insider Threat Data Sheet

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