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Enterprise Sentry

Real world incidents require a world-class response. Organizations are conditioned to respond to incidents along departmental lines. Attackers don’t think that way. The siloed approach leaves wide gaps open for malicious threat actors to leverage blended threats between the domains of cyber security, physical security and operational systems.

Split seconds can mean the difference between successfully halting a threat and failing to prevent a disaster. Quickly identifying security gaps is crucial to being able to prevent security breaches and attacks on critical infrastructure. AlertEnterprise enables automated, rules-based correlation of information from multiple sources, including applications, physical access, and plant-related events.

Enterprise Sentry delivers a unified Security Awareness and Situational Intelligence Suite that delivers Security Intelligence across the domains of Cyber Security; Physical Access to facilities and assets; and Operational Technology like SCADA or Industrial Control Systems. Consolidated cyber, human and asset intelligence delivers un-matched abilities to correlate threats and deliver smart decision support to interdict events before they occur, and mitigate the impact from incidents that are underway.

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Enterprise Sentry Data Sheet

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