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Enterprise Guardian Physical


Enterprises today are conditioned to respond to incidents along the lines of their departmental silos. The current approach to handling enterprise security in departmental silos has failed to stem the rising tide of security breaches. Enterprise Guardian - Physical is the industry-leading Identity and Access Management solution that integrates Physical Access Control Systems and Badging with enterprise applications, HR systems and IT directory services like Active Directory and LDAP. 


As regulations, standards and frameworks are now starting to mandate monitoring of physical access to systems and critical assets, Identity and Access Management solutions must account for threats that extend beyond IT to include Physical Access as well as Operational Systems that control large production plants and critical assets. 


Enterprise Guardian delivers PIAM software that operates across badging systems from multiple vendors to deliver a common console that enforces uniform policies across all facilities, sites and locations regardless of disparate badging systems from multiple vendors.


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Enterprise Guardian Physical Data Sheet



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