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Enterprise Guardian

The current approach to handling enterprise security in silos is not working. AlertEnterprise has developed a solution to bridge the security gaps across these silos with a Converged Identity Governance and Management solution that extends beyond IT and enables you to manage and control user access risks across the entire enterprise.

AlertEnterprise delivers a next-generation Identity and Access Management solution that addresses one of the most frequently cited issues with traditional IAM – technical complexity. Traditional IAM was developed a decade ago. Now is the time to consider innovations that are going to last you the next ten years.

Cloud delivery and mobile support enhance Identity and Risk Analytics, Delegated Administration, Self-Service capabilities, Role Lifecycle Management and Access Certification. AlertEnterprise provides an intelligent business layer managing end-to-end identity lifecycles while hiding the complexity of integration across multiple enterprise applications, legacy systems, badge access control systems and access to operational systems like SCADA Industrial Control for plant operations.

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Enterprise Guardian Data Sheet

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