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Airport Guardian


Airport Guardian is the most comprehensive and advanced airport badging solution on the market. 

Airport badging has become increasingly cumbersome due to new regulations and emerging threats. Out of necessity, airports have deployed and continue to operate many manual and duplicative processes to meet security and training mandates. The Airport Guardian solution is built to address these challenges using airport badging best practices to:

  • Eliminate hard copy forms and manual data entry
  • Store I-9 identity documents in badge-holder’s electronic record
  • Print and encode badges based on airport roles
  • Track Trusted Agent activity
  • Match records against vetting lists
  • Actively track and report on 1542/SD compliance
  • Provide Authorized Signatory Portal for delegated administration
  • Automate standard airport reports and deliver ‘drag-and-drop’ ad hoc reporting

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Airport Guardian Data Sheet

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